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What is trade copying?
copy trading mechanism

There is a good chance you have come across the term “Trade Copier Service” or “Trade Copying EA” before in your trading. But let me clarify something, many people confuse commercial trade copier software with a trading signal service which operates using a trade copier. Trade copying is the use of software to replicate (or duplicate) trades to multiple trading accounts. This allows the administration of more than one MetaTrader account at the same time and efficient risk control and management.
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What is forex arbitrage?
copy trading mechanism

Trading arbitrage lets the investors know that there are price imbalances. When trading has started and an inflow of either buying or selling of assets has emerged in an exchange, a price gap may emerge. High-frequency arbitrage trading is effective even under unpredictable market conditions as it does not rely extensively on price trends; rather, it relies on currency mispricing through various foreign exchanges. Such opportunities are referred to as arbitration and may help to close market pricing gaps.
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How to choose good Forex broker?
choose good forex broker

There are several types of foreign exchange brokers, from the most legitimate brokerage companies to illegally operating betting companies. Forex traders, whether beginners or experts, should choose a broker carefully to ensure that they work with reliable brokers. Important note is that although most of these brokers usually have the same access rights and quality in the foreign exchange market, the procedures and policies they use are still very different.
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What is margin and leverage in Forex trading?
choose good forex broker

The key to success in trading in financial markets is risk control, but it is only possible when we use the leverage effect effectively. The goal of leverage effect is to provide a higher return on investment, which makes this approach attractive to both large and retail traders.
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Is it possible to arbitrage cryptocurrencies?
copy trading mechanism

The idea that each crypto exchange provides a particular price for crypto asset gave rise to the concept of arbitrage. Crypto arbitrage is the practice of purchasing for example bitcoins at one market and selling them at another, where the price is higher. Different Bitcoin exchanges often have different prices for given crypto asset, because of the way Bitcoin price is calculated.
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What is algorithmic trading?
what is algo trading and how it works

Algo trading uses computer programs to trade at high speed and volume based on various predefined parameters such as stock prices and market-specific criteria. The ability to automate the trading process is a great asset. That means by using algorithmic trading strategies it is possible to ensure that orders are performed under what is perceived to be optimum buying or selling conditions. As orders are issued immediately, investors may be assured of not losing out on good opportunities.
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What is trading psychology?
what is trading psychology and discipline

There are many characteristics and skills that are required from traders to succeed in the financial markets. The ability to understand the main economic processes and determine the direction of the trend are two key skills. Analyze and build a trading strategy too. But none of them is as important as the ability to control emotions and maintain discipline.
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How to select the best forex trading strategy?
what is trading psychology and discipline

In the world of foreign exchange markets (forex) trading strategy is essential for your performance. But why do you need forex strategies? In order not to turn your trade into a casino, you will need clear rules to follow. This way you will know when to buy and when to sell.
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Which market analysis is the best?
what is trading psychology and discipline

You might have heard about a technical and fundamental market analysis, or you might be able to find out about it right now. The age-old question is whether a forex strategy should be based on fundamental or technical analysis principles. The debate between traders may continue indefinitely, but the truth is that there is no single answer.
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